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jestew 03-17-2013 10:23 PM

Ideas for new build
Hi guys,
I'm working on the mechanical plan for my house and wondered if you had any feedback.

The house is in phoenix az and it's like 80% cooling or more with very little heating. I've got these ideas.

I'm thinking about putting a swamp cooler in my garage and ducting my garage up through my attic to the other side of the house so that the cool air from my garage cools down my attic. I'd run the swamp cooler on a thermostat. The obvious limitation here is that this would increase the humidity in my attic to potentially undesirable levels. Surely there is a solution for this some kind of relative humidity turn of relay or something. if someone knows where to find one, that'd be great.

I'd also like to cool my house with both a swamp cooler and an A/C. has anyone had any success with this? Ideally, the return air for my A/C would have some kind of exhaust fan that turns on with my swamp cooler and seals up tight when it's not on.

I've got a rough drawing of what I want if anyone's interested.

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