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I think I need more a/c returns

I have a 2000 square ft ranch in Florida. We had the ac replaced last year and everything has worked great. The thing is we only have one return in the whole house. I recently turned one garage bay into a bedroom and laundry room. I ran an insulated vent pipe from the main duct to the bedroom. There is not much air flow coming through the vent and the room never really cools down. I am wondering if I need more returns elsewhere in the house. The other thing is that the return we do have is just a hole in the wall run between 2 studs, there is no ductwork connecting it to the ac, it just blows into the crawlspace of an attic. Thanks in advance


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adding more return won't give you more air in the add on room the air handler can only put out so much air throttle down everything except the add on and reopen to get better air in there.that return needs to be ducted to the back of the air handler ...if the crawl is cool in the summer GOOD but if it gets hot guess where that heat goesthe coil in the air handler will do a maximum 18F drop on the return air as it passes thru the cooling section.


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What size it your A/C?
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If your system is starved for air on the intake side it is not going to cool very effectively. Typically, the returns from the home interior should supply all or most of the air the system needs to work. This way you are cooling (in this case) air that is already cooler than outside air.

Another way to think of this process is that you "remove" air from a room via a return and "replace" it after modifying it's temperature via the supply side. Simply introducing conditioned air that has been supplied from outside the home is not as effective/efficient as using air from within the homes envelope.

Short story: Yes, you should have numerous returns for a 2000 s.ft. home.
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Remember you can never have too many returns, just too few. Having said that, if the original house space not counting the addition still cools adequately then it doesn't sound like you need any returns in that area. The extra room might need a return, but I would be concerned why you don't have enough flow to that room. Perhaps you should reexamine where you tapped the existing duct work.

I don't really understand what you mean by your existing return venting into the attic. Returns don't vent they pull air.
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