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beertestr 11-27-2009 07:35 PM

HVAC Duct Tools
Anybody have any good links to HVAC-specific duct-fabrication tools? I am in the midst of a mudroom re-do, and one of the sub-projects was to increase the flow area of the return ducts for the HVAC in my bonus room. The story is kinda long, so I'll get to the important part.

I had a 10.5" x 7" return duct that is too small. The feed duct is at least that big, so anytime I turn on the supplemental furnace (both finraces are in the basement of the main part of the house), it pull air from the main part of the house.

The only access I had to between the bonus room and the basement is under the raised floor in my mudroom. I was able to open up the foundation to accept 2 10.5" x 7" ducts so I in effect have two sections of ductwork 10.5" x ~14" total flow area. I'd like more, but that's all I can fit. After the ducting runs through the hole in the foundation, I want to transition from the 10x14 (rounding now to make typing easier) to a standard 24" duct I can get from Lowes or Home Depot. These will run about 6 feet to the existing joist duct, and an additional joist duct I am putting in.

The big deal is fabricating the transition, flanging it, and hooking it all together. I have shears, metal fab capability, and am pretty handy, but I lack some of the specialized tools of the trade. Anybody know of any online places I might find them?

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