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rayf01 03-02-2011 01:45 PM

Humidifier Solenoid Valve Leaking
I bought a GF-1043BMM 2 Wire Humidifier last October and installed it. The Solenoid vailve now appears to have started to leak when off. At first last night the water was running pretty good with the humidistat off. I started the furnace, and turned the humidistat on and off several times to ensure I could hear the valve energize which I did.

Now I swear when I first installed it you could hear the valve both click on and then click off when de-energized, now I can only hear it click on. Maybe I am out to lunch on that one.

Anyway, after turning it on and off several time it appears to have stopped flowing quite as much when off, however it still drips a small amount through.

Any ideas before I buy a replacement valve? Our water I dont believe my water is too hard, below is an excerpt from the water company:

"EPCOR water fluctuates between 130-190 mg/L expressed as Calcium Carbonate, with an average of 165 mg/L. Washing machine manufacturers often refer to "Hardness in Grains"; the hardness in grains per American gallon is 7.5-11. Edmonton water is classed as moderate in hardness"

I thought maybe there would be some buildup that could be holding the valve open, but in 5 months I find that hard to believe.

Only thing I can think of at this time is fork out $65 for a replacement valve and they can send in the old one to test and see if it would be covered under warranty.

StahlMaster 03-02-2011 07:17 PM

I'd check if it's still under warrenty. I've got an Aprilaire 350 installed in my home. I can hear the valve open AND close. Perhaps some debris is causing it to not seal on shut off.
If it's not under warrenty, take it apart and clean it.


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