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rvmeush 09-19-2012 06:04 AM

Humidifier for Carrier Infinity 96 system
I'm getting a new Carrier 96 furnace/AC to replace my old system and have been looking into humidifiers. The Carrier furnace is a 59TN6 unit, the AC is a 24ANB736 unit, and the thermostat is a SYSTXCCU1D01.

The humidifier option suggested by the dealer is an Aprilaire 600 unit. This is supposed to be a good unit, but I'm wondering why a Carrier humidifier wasn't suggested.

My understanding is that the Carrier thermostat has the capability to control humidity, and I think the 24ANB736 condensor has a thermostat to measure outside temperature - which would also be used by the humidity control function of the thermostat. (Please let me know if this is incorrect).

It seems to me as if the Infinity system is already set up to control the Carrier humidifier, so the install cost of the Carrier humidifier should be a fair amount cheaper than the Aprilaire.

I'd appreciate thoughts from anyone having experience with the Carrier Infinity humidity control system. Thanks.

hvactech126 09-19-2012 06:16 AM

There is not much difference between the AA model and the carrier model. The wiring would be the same for both. The infinity thermostat controls both carrier and other humidifiers in the exact same manner.

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