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mani1147 03-26-2013 09:38 AM

HRV unit recommendation
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This will be a top/bottom duplex, 1000 Sqft total per side, mini-splt unit on the top floor, baseboard heaters on the bottom (each side) no forced air.
Top floor has main bath,kitchen and living room, open concept with cathedral ceiling, bottom floor is 42" concrete with knee wall on top, two bedrooms + wash-dry/utility room per side.
Located in NB, Canada.
Would like opinions on the best HRV units to fit this building, powerful enough, not to noisy.

Any suggestions/recommendations greatly appreciated.
Any ducting tips would be great as well.

yuri 03-26-2013 10:18 AM

research this Lifebreath site and the installation manuals for the different types of ductwork. Lennox uses these units and calls them Healthy Climate. You need to find a local HVAC contractor who knows how to install these properly and balance them and those guys are rare. Van EE/Venmar makes some pretty good units but only if you buy their 2nd or 3rd tier non builder quality units. I would stay away from the ECM motor series with any HRV as the energy savings are very little as the motor is very small 2 start with and it will take 4 ever to pay off the extra cost of that motor plus I heard they had/have problems with them being noisy at low speed. some type of harmonic problem inherent to them at very low speed. I have a 155 MAX w/o ECM motor and it has been around 4 ever with very few if any problems.

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