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creamaster 10-07-2010 12:26 PM

HRV Install and balancing questions
I would like to install a HRV system this winter and have a few questions.

Our house is a single story ranch with full basement, combined about 2000 sq ft. I would like to run a dedicated duct system for the HRV and not tap into the forced air return of our furnace. I am thinking of installing 3 returns and 3 supplies for the HRV. 1 stale return in the basement, 1 stale return in the kitchen/dinning area, and the last stale return in the bathroom. The fresh air supplies would be, 1 in the basement, 1 in the living room, and the last in the hallway that connects to the 3 bedrooms.

1) Any issues with the above thought process of ducting this way?

2) I have 2x8" rim joist, will I be ok to drill a 6 1/2" hole to install my 6" supply and exhaust hoods?

3) What would you recommend to purchase for a DIY to check for balancing this system?

4) I want to use 3 1/2" x 10" duct to use just in the wall cavities then convert to 6" round in the basement, am I ok cutting the wall bottom plates to install these from the basement? I plan on only installing in interior walls.

5) Our basement has forced air furnace without combustion air supply, gas hot water heater without combustion supply and an electric dryer vented to the outside. I am thinking of supplying slightly more fresh air to the basement to help positive pressurize, any thoughts? Our home energy audit did show a negative pressure when all appliances running.

6) The HRV I want is a recirculting type when defrosting, where should I route the 5th duct for this recirculation cycle?

7) Any thoughts on using a controller with humidistat to operate the HRV, running constant low or run using the humidistat?

After going back and forth of a HRV vs fresh air ducted into furnace return I think the HRV is the best solution hopefully. I have looked at the Fantech brand which run about 70's efficency and are priced about 800$ with shipping.

Thanks for any input :thumbsup:

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