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HRV or ERV ?


I am debating on installing either a HRV or ERV for my house in Toronto, Canada.

about 2000 sq feet,
a new high efficiency gas forced air furnace and AC
upgraded wall insulation has made this old house much tighter !!

Yes i understand that i'm in the HRV zone but from what i can understand an ERV will work all year round with a little less heat transfer efficiency than an HRV in the winter but much better that an HRV in the summer, ie remove heat and humidity from the outside air instead of using the HRV in summer as basically an air exchanger without removing heat or humidity.

Some people say HRV and some say ERV. I called a few installers and most say HRV, but then when i did my own internet research about 1/2 say ERV ?

To save money i was thinking of installing a HRV kit myself, but i can't find any ERV kits mainly because they say they must be balanced etc.

But I'd pay the extra to get the most energy efficient and useful one i can use comfortably all year round.

The HRV2600 DIY install kit i was looking at was this one about $790 CND + another $200 for the duct install kit and control unit=!venmar_shop

I have a new high efficiency gas forced air furnace and AC and would be doing a simplified return to return install.

My only fear with this HRV is that in the summer it will basically be sucking in fresh warm moist air into the house forcing me to run my AC and dehumidifier more?

It says = "Ideal for humidity problems and odours" but is this winter or summer humidity ?

Or should i mail order an ERV online and try installing it myself.

How's this one?

or any others ?

Thanks in Advance


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This sounds like a question for Yuri. He's from canuck land. And more familiar with what works better with your cold climate.


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I would say go with the HRV. A frozen ERV is a heck of a mess and will overload and burnout the fan etc. You can't have your cake and eat it too. The A/C will take care of your humidity needs and buy a 2 stage one for better dehumidifying. Most people open their windows occasionally and don't want to live in a "tight" house in the summer so not running the HRV is not a problem. Winter it is necessary due to window sweating. I would buy a high quality air filter to get rid of any odors (like the Lennox Pure Air system).
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That venmar HRV 2600 is on sale at Rona 15% off this Sat and as the federal gov't has removed the eco grants i can't collect the extra $760 for the HRV - i should have done in last fall when i did the furnace !!!!! i Guess the Fed's are too busy paying off their friends and hence the eco money ran out )

Thanks for the info, i will buy the HRV this Sat - and install it myself

I read the venmar 2600 manual and it doesn't say anything about balancing - i'll just let the computer control it.

I have exhaust fans in my bathrooms so not needed there. Kitchen has a high end exhaust fan too.

I'll be doing the simple diy install
stale air in from the return ductwork and fresh air back into the return duct.

The new furnace has ECM motor that doesn't draw too much energy anyways but i won't be running it continuously, well i don't think yet.
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