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burnzyd 04-06-2012 11:08 PM

How to replace furnace drain trap
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My furnace has been leaking water for some time now. It was dripping, I finally called out someone to take a look today and I'm beyond frustrated with them. They charged me $100 to tell me that it was in fact leaking water and attempting to stop the leak with some red caulk-like stuff(which was unsuccessful). They then wanted to order a new drain trap and come back and install it once it comes in. The total charge for that would be $256 plus tax. Seemed pretty ridiculous and turns out that $99 dollars of that is a locate fee for them to look up and find the part. I went on google after they left and search for the part, which I was able to find for just over $20. I have decided that they are totally milking me, there's no reason in my opinion that it should cost this much. So I want to cancel with them, looking at the drain trap it looks easy enough to replace. Looks like I just have to unscrew it, unattach the current pipes to it and then attach them to the new one. What I am wondering is, am I overlooking something or is this job really that simple. If it's that simple then I'm going to order the part on my own and cancel with them. So can anyone tell me how to replace the drain trap on my furnace. I have a Goodman furnace, model GMPN060-3. I've attached a picture of my current drain trap.

gregzoll 04-06-2012 11:25 PM

How to replace you ask? You take the hoses off after marking them as to where they go, then remove the old fixture, install the new one, and re-attach the hoses. Should not take you anymore than 10 min's tops to do.

hvactech126 04-07-2012 09:26 AM

You have a janitrol/goodman furnace..... Have that heat exchanger checked by a pro before you sink any money into it!

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