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rossl56 11-26-2008 01:47 AM

How to optimize thermostat settings (2 heating systems same home)
Just bought a home with 2 heating systems. The house is well insulated and has Anderson dual pain windows (installed about 10-15 years ago). A/C consists of 4 wall units. No heat in the basement.
  • System #1 gas hot air Trane XE80 (main system Heats 3 BR ranch)
  • System #2 Electric baseboard (Heats 2nd floor addition 1BR/bath built over garage) I beleive the electric baseboard was installed because the basement does not run under the garage and it was too expensive to run the ducts to the addition.
Since I live alone I don't use the 2nd floor bedroom/bath at this time. During the week I am at work for 11-12 hours a day.

I have been keeping the 2nd floor thermostat (not programable) set to 55 degrees.

I installed a LUX programable thermostat on the first floor (controls hot air system #1). I keep the temp set at 61 while I'm at work. It's programmed to 67 degrees about 1 hour before I get home from work. The house is cool when I get home so I turn it up to 69 when I get home. At night I keep it on 66 degrees.

The main system cycles on/off about 6 times an hour. It runs for about 3-4 minutes for each cycle.

Problem is house always feels a little cold when the main system cycles off. I came from an apartment with unlimited hot water baseboard heat so I'm probably a little spoiled.

Three Questions:

1) The second floor was built without a door. There is an "open" stairway from the living room that allows walk up access to 2nd floor bedroom. I wonder how much heat is going up stairs, and how much cool air is coming downstairs. Should I be setting the electric system #2 higher when I'm home?

2) How many times an hour should system #1 cycle on/off? Is 6 times an hour OK?

3) Am I doing anything wrong with my current settings?

I have not received a bill for gas and electric yet. The people I bought the house from averaged $275 per month ($300-$350 during winter months last year in NJ, which was a mild winter).

beenthere 11-26-2008 03:39 AM

Set the electrice heat at 50 or 55. Its expensive heat.
The gas furnace was probably over sized, and may be what is causing some of your short cycling.

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