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amers_j 11-02-2012 10:26 AM

How to hook up an existing gas fireplace
Hello all,

First time poster here......

We are renting a great home and have a gas fireplace. We have electric for heating, lights, water heaters, etc.... But the fireplace runs on gas and I would love to have some guidance on how to hook it up. I've called some local companies and they want to charge $250+ to come hook it up, as well as the rent for the tank and the gas itself.

I love doing things myself so I was wondering if I could hook it up myself, with guidance from your suggestions, of course. We live in Florida so we won't be running the fireplace constantly so I'm wondering if we could use one of the smaller tanks (used for grills)?

I will also need advice on what hardware I will need to hook the tank up. I've read a few things where 'regulators' and flexible gas lines are mentioned, but I don't know if I need those things. If you all think it's a simple install, I'd love the advice. If you all think I'm in over my head playing with gas hook-ups, don't be shy to tell me so.

Thanks so much,

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