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jayjay 07-20-2005 01:42 PM

How do I remove a radiator?
I need to take the rad out of my kitchen. I will eventually put it back, just further along the wall and a smaller one too. Can i just plug the pipes that currently feed it or do I need to do something special? Was gonna get a plumber but the never show up, honest! cheers in anticipation

nicknackynoo 08-19-2005 02:42 AM


All radiators in britain should have two valves on, one each end.
One of them is usually covered with a smooth white plastic cap and underneath will be the operating shaft for the valve. This isolates the incoming water from system.

The other valve usually controls the flow of water going through the radiator and is called a thermostaic valve, turning this fully clockwise reduces the flow and eventually shuts the flow off completely, therefore you can just shut both these valves and remove the radiator!

Before you do tho remember to empty the whole system and open the bleed valves to help speed up the emptying process.

Once empty, loosen off the nuts joining the rad to the valve keeping in mind thiey are joined to copper pipe which will not react well to being twisted, so use two spanners, one to ondo and another to hold the nut holding the valve to the rest of the pipework steady.

Once the rad is off you can refill the system, vent it off and use the radiators as normal.

If you are worried about the kids disturbing these valves then it may be wise to plug the ends with a blank, available from most hardware shops. As the thread is standard they should be able to get you want just by asking!


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