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How to distrute heat from a woodstove

Hello all,

I have a 1971 2,000 square foot ranch. It is heated by a natural gas 100,000 btu, 80% (at best) efficient boiler and hot water radiators. I installed a wood burning 60,000 BTU fireplace insert (wood stove) last year into the family room. It puts out great heat, my girlfriend likes the atmosphere it provides, and I like the idea of reducing my energy bill!

At full tilt it isn't unusual for the family room to be heated to 80'F or slightly more, while the kitchen and living room will be ~70-72'F, and the master bedroom in the far corner of the house might reach 65'F. The floor plan of the hosue isn't very open.

I'd like to better distribute the heat from the wood stove. If the house had a central duct system for heat/ac I would imagine that forcing the blower on would distribute the air reasonably well. Since the house does not, i'm envisioning a basic system to move the air from the family room to the master bedroom and family room. I would install a return vent high on a wall in the family room and route that to a ~10" duct fan and then use insulated flexible ductwork in the basement to feed two 6" registers, one in the living room and one in the master bedroom. I would leave the door to the master open to complete the return path to the family room.

Good/bad idea? I am looking at a 10" blower shown here: which is supposed to move 650 CFM (free-air). Assuming about 40' of 10" flexible duct, would I net ~400-500 CFM?

Other ideas/advice?




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If you have common walls to the room this may work you.


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We had success using these to distribute heat to the far end of the upstairs when running our BIS. They are cheap and easy to try.
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Strictly, you want to pull the hot air from the top of the heated room and dump it in bottom of others.
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