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How to dismantle a gas line

I have only worked on gas supply lines with flexible pipe (like dryer connections) so I am a bit stumped on this one. I have an indoor pool heater where the burner tray is connected to a rigid gas supply line. I need to remove the burner tray to fix a water leak, so the gas connection has to come apart.

The main gas supply line drop vertically from the ceiling to a T-connector. One side of the T is capped off, and the other goes to a short piece of galvanized, about 3 inches long. The other end of the short pipe goes into a threaded connector, which in turn connects to a longer pipe that connects to the Robertshaw gas valve inside the unit (very similar to a furnance installation).

I assume the disassembly procedure requires me to remove the short piece by using a pipe wrench.

Two questions:

1. Which way do I turn the wrench? If I rotate the tool clockwise one side will be tightened and the other side loosened, right? Or is one side left hand threads and the other right hand threads? Or am I just supposed to pick a direction and let the a bit of the pipe thread into the connector and then back it out later?

2. When putting it all back together, is Teflon tape a suitable thread sealant or is there something different I should be using?


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Shut off gas valve to stop flow. Go to HD or Lo and look at the coupling you have turn it and observe it or even buy it, now you need two pipe wrenches one to hold back and the other to loosen the coupling.
Loosen the coupling the unscrew the pipe to give you clearance.
Use pipe dope or Teflon tape to reinstall the pipe only wrap 11/2 times if using Teflon, tighten pipe and reconnect the coupling (no dope or Teflon on the coupling threads. Open gas valve and put soap all over the pipes with a brush look for bubbles, no bubbles your done. Wa La.


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You need to follow the gas line back to a fitting called a union. It will look like a hub with a fairly large nut in the middle. Should be by the gas shutoff. That is the fitting that unions the pipe together so it can be taken apart. Hopefully it is somewhere close to the pool heater. Then you work back twards the appliance taking fittings apart. Pretty sure this is what Saltini was talking about. It is code here to have some kind of union after the gas shutoff so the appliance can be serviced but I have seen where they are pretty far away.

I like using pipe dope instead of teflon tape on gas lines.

If you can post pics we may be able to help more.
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Thanks for the replies, I will give it a shot. There is conveniently located shutoff on the main supply pipe as it drops down so no worries on that.

I was just unclear on whether to turn the coupling while holding the pipe steady, or the other way around. It sounds like I need to steady the 3" pipe and turn the coupler, remove them both, then remove the pipe into the Robertshaw valve. Then the fun part begins!

Christmas in the pool room.
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