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John Gold 11-24-2011 09:37 AM

How to disable PTAC unit fan?
Hi everyone, I am looking for good advise on how to disable a PTAC unit fan.

I live in an apartment with two PTAC units, which have extremely loud fans. It always drives me crazy in the winter time, with the units turned on it's almost impossible to watch TV or have a conversation. But it's a rental building so I cannot replace the units.

Last winter, when I turned one of the two units off at night, the hot water valve got stuck for a few days. It was brilliant! The unit itself was hot like a radiator and nicely warmed all of the apartment, but without the noise of the fan. It was just perfect!

Now I want to recreate this condition: open hot water valve, but no fan. Essentially, I am trying to use the unit like a radiator. Is there a way for me to create this condition - and are the any risks to doing so? After all, I don't want to permanently break the unit. I just want to temporarily disable the fan for the winter.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help! Best, John

P.S.: The unit I have is from McQuary

biggles 11-24-2011 10:13 AM

the fan should be plugged into the control section just unplug it there and call for heat...and you have a radiator...check or remove the filter so it catches the most return air and rises up asap....PTACs are easy to servcie but that noise at night even on LOW is a commond complaint in the $5M.Manhattan condos i'v seen.that fan should slide out after unplugging make sure the motor isn't packed with dust and definitly the squirrel cages on the fins..DANGER:wink: they are made of plastic so be careful if you slide the fan assembly out you should be able to remove the outer plate on the fan shroud and a locking clip holds the squirrel on the motor shaft...for easy removing and take it to the sink with the nozzle washer...DANGER:wink::wink: note how it came out needs to go back onto the shaft same way if its a double squirrel cage on both sides there..if its a single squirrel each side can only go in one way.if there is an oil port add some...any dirt on the fins puts weight on the fan...bearings also dry out if not lubbed up yearly

John Gold 11-24-2011 10:24 AM


Thanks so much for your quick reply! Sounds like it is not that difficult to disable the fan. Regarding your instructions on how to remove the fan assembly - can't it just remain in the unit?

Gotta post a disclaimer that I am not very experienced with these units, so if there's a risk of breaking any parts, I'd rather just unplug the fan, try to remove the air filter, and leave it like that. Would that still work?

Best, John

biggles 11-24-2011 10:52 AM

sure just unplug the fan and slide the filter out to get a natural rise thru the heating coil you need to run the unit as if the fan is connectd with your settings and let the heat cycle on that copper sensing bulb mounted on the fan or under it.the pulling was for you to clean and check those fins that can cause a load that translates into a load into the bearings for future cooling runs......but the noise complaint is common on stand up units like that

John Gold 12-03-2011 10:33 PM


I want to thank you again for your advice - and I would also like to share an update on my case:
When I opened the unit, I saw that for electricity it was plugged into the wall with an easily removable plug. So I just tried to see what happens when I unplug the unit while it's running. To my surprise, this simple action results in exactly what I want: the valve stays open, the fan obviously turns off. Done! Silent heat ;)

biggles 12-04-2011 12:56 PM

if that was without touching that push bar on the valve heating valve that means the heating fails in the open heating mode with that plug pulled.... remove the filte so you get max convection like an old fashion case iron one...

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