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a1481155 04-20-2013 11:37 PM

How to clean un-lined round duct board??
I had a whole home energy survey from local electric co., during which they told me I can't have my air ducts cleaned because they're un-lined round duct board with exposed fiberglass on the inside and that any attempt to clean them would tear them apart or just release fiberglass particles into the air & duct system. That doesn't seem to stop local air duct cleaning co's from offering to "air scrub" or at least "surface clean" in order to coat/seal properly. Your thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated! THANKS!

beenthere 04-21-2013 07:19 AM

Not cleanable. And they aren't dirty enough to need it.

The dirt in the pic on the ceiling isn't from the duct. Its from the boot not being sealed to the ceiling. Its pulling in dirt from the space above it.

a1481155 04-23-2013 03:29 PM

Thanks! I thought these were NOT cleanable. Actually, My main concern is dust that flew all over from sanding the plywood sub-floor while trying to remove it's yellow rubber/foam like padding from the 1970's, which had basically become part of the sub-floor.

I was able to vacuum out most of the main air returns because they're just plywood boxes behind the grill, which are near the floor but I didn't want to touch this stuff without getting the real deal.

Funny…Only 1 of 4 "air duct/ac professionals" told me these ducts are NOT cleanable BUT the one recommended I get them "surface cleaned & coated" or replaced. The other 3 told me these ducts are cleanable by some kind of high powered HEPA vacuum system and/or an interior sealing/coating.

And forgive me for such a long post but especially given the fact these ducts are NOT cleanable & they quote the homeowner falsely at least twice...I'd love to get opinions on this ONE estimate:


Air Duct Cleaning: NADCA Compliant Source Removal. Service includes directed application of duct directed Abatement Technologies negative air machine operating at 2500 CFM continuous under 3-Stage HEPA filtration.

Interior duct surfaces are simultaneously air scrubbed with high speed air whips operating at 175 PSI continuous through entire duct run. Each duct is individually cleaned with fully directed CFM and air whip to remove trapped contaminants such as construction/sanding particulates, VOC's, allergic triggers, and bio-aerosols.

All registers and grills are removed and hand cleaned. They are painted with a flat white sealing paint upon request. Register boxes are hand cleaned with truck-mounted vacuum and painted flat white. Registers and grills are cleaned and sprayed a white semi gloss where previously painted. No encapsulating agents are used in our cleaning process. Note: Some services will require attic access and/or the creation of very small, removable access ports for introduction of whips. These will be mapped, and tagged as well as identified on a drawing of both systems after completion. Note: University Humid Climate Air Duct Cleaning Study shows our method removes 85% of bio-aerosols from both smooth and porous duct materials: click here to read.

Air Handler Cleaning: Tag-out HVAC system energy supply. Open Air Handler. Disconnect and remove blower. Air wash barrel fan (squirrel cage). Clean interior surface of air handler. Wipe down and sterilize all interior hard surfaces. Clean wiring. Re-secure loose wiring. Clean exposed 24V circuit boards with compressed air. Re-install blower. Soft brush and/or fin comb induction side of coil. Rinse with mild evaporative solvent. No acids are applied in our cleaning process.

Anti-Microbial and Smoke Fogging: Service includes anti-microbial fogging and deodorization of all interior duct surfaces using Microban hospital grade disinfectant or fire restoration (smoke eliminator) compounds in suspended particulate fog of .02 - .05 microns. No encapsulating agents are used in our fogging or deodorization process. All odor and anti-microbial fogging is done in compliance with NADCA guidelines and State Contractors Manual.

Thermal Air Induction Devices: Open mixing unit. R&R filter, vacuum interior with truckmount. Wipe down and sterilize interior surfaces. Secure gaskets. Reseal.

Internal High Pressure 40-23 Duct Liner-Sealer Application: Directed, airless, high pressure spray application of Foster® 40-23TM to all interior coating surfaces of HVAC duct systems. A self-centering roll cart will be employed and center-adjusted for each duct run treated. Lighted video monitoring of the coating process will be recorded and/or displayed in a real time HD video feed.* We will make every conceivable effort to remotely apply our coating material to every square inch of duct interior. And such complete coverage is often attained. However, given potential corners, bends, damper or fire wall or directional vane restrictions, we can only guarantee 80% coverage.

Foster® 40-23TM Duct Liner Insulation Sealer is a water-based, EPA Registered material specially formulated for application to HVAC duct liner or duct board insulations. Foster Duct Liner Insulation Sealer penetrates deeply into the existing insulation materials and, upon cure, reinforces the cohesive strength of the insulation materials, forming a tight, damage-resistant surface. Foster Duct Liner Insulation Sealer applied to the interior surfaces of unlined HVAC duct-work, subsequent to source removal, effectively and economically reduces particle trap and release as it improves efficiency by limiting both leaks and air duct friction.

Foster 40-23 is formulated to maintain excellent resistance to the deteriorating effects of fungus or molds.
Foster 40-23 meets requirements for LEED® EQ Credit 4.2, low- emitting materials: paints and coatings.
Foster 40-23 contains no asbestos, lead, mercury, or mercury compounds. It meets NFPA 90A and 90B 25/50 requirements.
Foster 40-23 is non-flammable when wet and fire-resistive when dry. The dry film stays flexible and moisture resistant. It will not cause flash rusting on metal surfaces.

Air Duct Cleaning: $40 per supply/return register (includes 20% online discount.)
Vaulted Ceiling Access (over 12 ft) $60 per supply/return register (includes 20% online discount.)
Air Handler Cleaning: $150
Thermal Air Induction Devices: $80
Anti-Microbial Fogging: $10 per drop
Anti Smoke Fogging: $10 per drop
Foster Duct Liner Application: $110 each.
Foster's 40-20 Material $60 per gallon (our cost)

HVAC system inspection reveals a dual-zone, tandem, split system application serviced by vertical plenums. System is of mixed construction material including aluminum, UL Listed fibrous duct board and some structural wooden features. Resident reports new kevlar flex duct is truncated from duct board plenums located in attic crawl space in zone 2.

Contaminants observed directly include visible layered denderous dust deposits in both of the zone's return systems. There is also a loose, gritty gray and black granular particulate in the overhead supply ducts of zone 1. This grit is mixed with normal household dust in the supply ducts.

Neither the supply nor the return ducts appear to have been properly cleaned in recent history. Agitation of interior surfaces proved to aloft very visible particles despite a report of previous professional attention.

Zone 1: 1 Air Handler, 6 Supply Ducts. 2 Return Ducts. None Vaulted.
Zone 2: 1 Air Handler, 4 Supply Ducts. 2 Return Ducts. None Vaulted.

Duct and HVAC Cleaning:
Clean 14 Supply/Return Ducts @ $40 Each: $560 (Reduced 20%)
Anti-Microbial Fog Supply/Return Ducts: $100 (Reduced 50%)
Clean two air handlers @ $100 each. (50% Off): $200 (Reduced 30%) $860
Duct Coating/Sealing: (Offered as a reliable and cost-effective alternative to duct replacement)
Apply Duct liner/Sealer @ $110 (larger returns included): $1,540
5 Gallons Fosters 40-23: $300
Video Of Coating Process/AVI Video File: $95
Sub Total: $1935

Total Combined Services: $2,795
10% Discount: $280
New Total Combined Services: $2,515.00

beenthere 04-23-2013 04:01 PM

Whips in a rigid fiberglass duct will do more harm then good.

Unless you have actual dirt/dust blowing out of your supplies. No need to clean them.

Unless you just want to give a way $2,515.00

a1481155 05-08-2013 04:52 PM

Thanks, I appreciate it!

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