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sandiegoscott 11-27-2011 01:05 PM

How to bring outside air into bedroom?
My new manufactured home is in a noisy area. Leaving my windows open, as I have always done for fresh air, means I'm woken up earlier than I want.

My brother is an HVAC engineer and suggests modifying the ducting under the floor with some sort of diverter and valve. Sounds difficult and expensive. Would rather make a simple substitute for an open window.

I have a walk-in closet against the outside wall. Could I go through the ceiling and roof, or through the outside wall, or through the floor, with a 4" pipe and use an in-line duct booster fan to bring in air from the outside? Add a manually-controlled damper? Add a thermostat somehow to turn the fan on above a set temperature?

If I go through the roof or outside wall I can tuck the whole thing up against the ceiling, paint it, and ignore it. Going through the floor would take valuable closet space and require more extensive efforts to hide it.

Comments, pointers, suggestions, links to resources welcome. I am a handy guy, but haven't done roof work, though roof is asphalt shingle and adding a pipe with vent boot doesn't look too hard. I cringe a bit at the thought of putting in a hole in my nice new outside siding. Thanks!

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