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how to balance system?

i was wondering how to go about balancing my heating system. My furnace sits in the middle of my basement and there are only 10 registers to adjust. Currently the rooms at one end of the house are cooler than the rooms at opposite end. Any tips or help thanks


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Balancing a system can be tricky. I could go into a ton of technical crap but I will save you the headache and I will save myself a little writing and just give you the easy route. Oh, and try one solution or the other... don't do them both at the same time or you will never figure out which one solved the problem.

If your registers have louvers on them then there is normally a way to open and close them. What you want to do is simply take the rooms that are warmer and close the registers a little bit, leave it for a day and see if that helps. If it doesn't close them off a little more until the rooms heat evenly.

The imbalance could also be caused by lack of return air from the cooler rooms. In a "perfect" system, ideally you have return air ducts for each room which will allow the air to circulate within the room. If there is not sufficient air that is being returned through the system from those rooms, the air is not moving and the room will not heat or cool properly. A simple test for this is to take those rooms and if they have doors on them which are typically closed, prop the doors open a few inches for a full day and see if the room gets warmer or stays the same. If it gets warmer, air circulation (lack of return air) is the problem. If it stays the same then it is likely to be a balance problem. If the problem is return air, then you will have to investigate ways to get return air from those rooms.

This is a very low-tech way of doing things but it is very effective in troubleshooting.

Let us know what you find. I am sure we can help you with suggestions if need be.



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I would start at looking at air leakage around windows, outlets, entrance doorways, insulation in the walls, attic, Sill & Rim joist bays in the crawlspace or basement, proper venting of the attic first.

The largest culprit of cold rooms is also caused by poor return venting, which is not allowing the air being pushed into those rooms, get pulled back into the furnace. So start with finding out if you have proper return air to the system, along with air sealing and insulation, and you should find your home will be warmer in the Winter, cooler in the Summer.
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instead of closing off the registers see if balancing dampers are installed where the round duct comes off the main run and close them to see if that works. also if the duct in the basement is not installed properly than that can be a problem.
the duct has to be pressurized to be able to push the air out of the registers.
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