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dlkk 02-24-2006 10:34 AM

hot pilot light supply line
Carrier furnace stopped working - noticed "yellow" pilot light. Removed and cleaned pilot light orfice - now have "blue" pilot light.

Problem: During restart procedure I turned on gas and then switched on power (per instructions on unit), unit has an electronic starter:

First, I heard the gas supply come on to the pilot light before I switched on the power - it then lit the pilot light and the burners iginited - everything seems fine:

Second, I noticed the pilot light supply line became VERY HOT.

Third, when the burners shut down (when room temperature reached setting) I noticed the pilot NEVER SHUTS OFF.

Question: Do I have a bad thermocoupler that is not shutting off the supply of gas to the pilot, or is there another sensor failing?

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks Dennis

Aceinstaller 02-24-2006 05:45 PM

This isn't making sense to me.

Do you have an electric start, or a standing pilot unit?

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