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Chris_N 08-10-2012 08:27 PM

Hot House
I know very little about this so don't laugh. We just bought our house and the first thing we noticed was that we cant keep the ground floor cool(less than 78degrees with AC running constantly). We have a Lennox C33-48C-2F unit. House is 4000sq ft. It was only 2000sq ft before the previous owner built out the basement. Is this unit large enough for this house? Should it have been upgraded when they added the basement?
A couple of other points of interest. The basement is always colder, nearly 4 degrees cooler than the upstairs. The utility room where the unit is sitting is in the far west of the basement/house and it is always very cold, easily 15 degrees(im guesssing) colder than the upstairs.

We don't have the money to spend a lot on fixing this as most of our money went into the purchase of the house. Are there some suggestions of things I can do myself to improve the situation? Or does it take a pro to fix?

turnermech 08-10-2012 08:34 PM

at first glance the unit would not seem big enough by what you are saying (twice the square footage than original design). Try to close some of the vent in the areas that are too cool. this should push more a/c to the areas that are too hot. Don't close more than 20% of you total vents and you should not negatively effect the system.

If that does not work have the unit check out by pro. Might try to get estimates on new systems, done by contractors who will do a load calc. Estimates should be free or little cost get at least 3. this will let you know the size you need.

Don't tell the contractors what the other size the unit at. If you do some may not due the load calc.

Missouri Bound 08-10-2012 10:36 PM

You have a 4 ton unit which is usually too big for a 2000 sq ft house.....and probably real close for the 4000 sq. ft. That of course depends on insulation, climate, windows, structure, etc. The basement usuallly doesn't need too much since it's buried in the ground. Is it a walkout? I'd suspect that if the unit is running correctly your issue is ductwork or lack of. A qualified contractor can tell you this quickly with proper air flow measurement along with return and supply temperature measurement. How old is the house and where are you located?

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