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Hot House

I woke up this morning to a hotter than usual house. I live in Texas, and it's really hot here right now (daytime highs between 102-108), so my AC has been running almost non-stop for a couple of weeks. I rent, and my unit is old. I have not been as good as I should be about regularly changing the filter (should it be every month?).

After standing on a chair to check the air coming out of the vents, it seems that the air is still cool but that it is not coming out as strongly as it did before. Could the solution be as simple as changing the filter? Do I need to clean the coils. I watched a few youtube videos about cleaning the coils (evaporator and condenser) and it didn't look too hard. Is this something I should try myself?



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Changing the filters as they get dirty is very important!
If there loaded up with dirt the unit will suck harder and can pull some of the dirt through the filter and load up the A or slant coils which will cause the unit to freeze up from lack of air flow.

Every month? Only when there dirty is the way I fly. I try and make a habit of just checking them on the 1 st of every month.

If your renting then no do not mess with the coils in the air exchanger.


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do a quick test... remove the filters and see what happens...

also note that if the filters are blocked, you run the risk of freezing the cooling coils... upon which you will have to let them defrost. You will see white frost on the copper pipes coming out of the blower where the coils are.

if frozen, then simply turn on the blower with the ac off for a while.

good luck!
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If you do attempt to clean the coils be very careful not to bend the fins or you will be in a world of trouble
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if the filter was saturated with dust dirt...then the rounds on the fan squirrel cage is next then that gets packed then onto the A coil... run your finger inside the fins ..carpeting or wood floors .sut the unit off on the stat wait 5 minutes...put the FAN/ON only should be hi speed check registers...leave cooling off....powerful?then reset fan to AUTO and cooling to run air should be the same.this will verify you have hi speed in fan/only and hi fan in cooling mode...did you ever hear the air coming out of the registers when all was clean and new...
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sounds like you coil is already frozen. Check for any ice on the large refrigerant line outside. If ice is there the coil is frozen. If it is frozen you need to turn a/c off and Fan to on. this will melt the ice. May take several hours.

A dirty filter can and will freeze the coil if it restricts the air flow. this get more important when the system has to run no stop due to temps.
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also to add if filters are not changed on a regular basis.. it results in dirt build up on the coil ..which causes low air flow and coil freeze turn results in expensive repair....


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