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mikec35 01-27-2011 10:39 PM

hookup visionpro to York Heat pump system
I just got a vision pro TH8320 tstat and would like to use it with my York ac/heat pump system. I currently have an old York lever tstat with a slide switch to turn on emergency heat. The wires on my tstat are :
WBGRXOY. The vision pro does not have a b (has o/b), x, and o (has o/b). Can anyone help me with the new wire hookup? Any issues with using this tstat that would make it not worth changing out? It was given to me, would like to use it if its compatible. Thanks for any advice.

beenthere 01-28-2011 04:46 AM

On older York's they used B as common. The 8320 will have a C/common terminal.

Make sure that your outdoor unit IS a York and not a Rheem/Ruud unit.

mikec35 01-28-2011 08:08 AM

I do have an outside York unit. Does anyone know where I would hook the x and the o on the old York tstat to on the new vision pro? If I understand beenthere I would hook the old b to the c on the visionpro. Thanks

beenthere 01-29-2011 06:09 AM

O is O.
X should be aux heat/W2.

mikec35 05-27-2012 09:06 AM

Just now getting around to installing this Tstat. I think I understand how to based on the info given in this post. I am unsure, however if this will work for my emergency heat. How would I tell the tstat to switch over to emergeny heat? My outdoor unit does not have a sensor. Currently on my York Tstat I have a slide switch to turn on the heat strips when I realize the heat pump is not keeping up. Thanks..

beenthere 05-27-2012 02:16 PM

The system section of the screen can be set to emergency.

However. You shouldn't turn off the heat pump and use emergency only, that cost more money to heat that way.

If you don't want to install an outdoor temp sensor. Just let the stat decide when to use aux heat based on if the indoor temp is holding or not.

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