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Charlie123 05-07-2010 06:04 PM

Honeywell Visionpro IAQ function 406 ventilation in high humidity ?

I installed the Honeywell Vision Pro IAQ myself and everything works fine except for this small glitch that i can't seem to figure out.

Firstly i have this equipment.
New High efficiency GFA furnace and AC
New HRV ventilator
New Whole house Dehumidifier
New Whole house Humidifier

I do NOT want the vent function 406 ie my HRV to come on when i have high humidity - that's what i have a Dehumidifier for.

So i set function
406 = Ventilation in high humidity = 0 =OFF

Honeywell explains it like this
{When set to On = 1 will use ventilation to remove humidity
when thermostat is in the heat mode - this allows the ventilation equipment to turn on if the
humidity rises approximately 10% above the RH setting in
heating mode to exhaust the extra humidity}

Then to test it i manually I set the humidity set point more than 10% LESS than the current humidity on the thermostat.
if current humidity reading on thermostat = 40%
i manually set the humidity setpoint to 25%

Then the Ventilation will come on but i told it in 406 to = 0 =off??????

Even i turn the humidity control on the thermostat from auto to OFF it will still keep the ventilation because it see the humidity greater than 10% above my humidity setpoint?

If i manually turn the humidity setpoint back to within 10% of the humidity reading then the ventilation turns off.

what am i doing wrong here because everything else works beautifully?

Thanks again

beenthere 05-08-2010 11:19 AM

If its last call was a heating call. It thinks its still to do heating operations. Run it through a A/C call. Se if it works right then.

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