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Llama 02-19-2009 03:05 PM

Honeywell TrueSteam with Carrier Infinity Control
Hi there, I got a Carrier Infinity system installed July 2008 (Carrier Infinity 16 4t heat pump - 25HNA648A, Carrier ICS 95K propane furnace - 58MVC100-F, Carrier Infinity Control - SYSTXCCUID01-B v14). I had the same installation company put in a Honeywell TrueSteam 12gpd unit but I think/know something is not quite right.

The unit appears to work fine when there is a call for heat as the ICS shows "Humidifier On" and the TrueSteam Humidification lamp comes on. However, when there is not call for heat the system does not answer the call for humidity.

Wiring is as follows:
HUM -> Yellow
HUM -> Green
C -> Blue
R -> Red
R ->RT jumper installed

Furnace/Air Handler
Yellow -> Relay
Green -> Relay
C -> 24V/COM
R -> R

White -> 24V/COM
Yellow -> HUM spade on furnace/air handler

Dip switches on the TS are all OFF.

Infinity Control has the humidifier added and shows the pad maintenance interval, etc.

What did my guy do wrong? I need it to steam without the call for heat or else it will never get to the set level.

Llama 02-19-2009 04:20 PM

I think I have this figured out and it did not require wiring/jumper changes.

I pored over the various install manuals and everything looked good. I decided to step through the Infinity setup process at the thermostat. The automated setup seemed to go fine, but there was an additional humidifier accessory setup "Humidify with Fan" setting. Changing it from 'No' to 'Yes' was what I needed. Below is the excerpt from the Infinity Control Startup manual:

HUMIDIFY WITH FAN: (Heating Mode Only)
S NO (default)
If YES, the humidifier will turn on if there is a humidify demand
present. The fan will turn on to Low speed if the fan setting is

You access this setting by:
Hold Advanced for 10 seconds -> Settings -> Accessories -> Humidifier

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