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beiley 09-09-2009 11:06 PM

Honeywell DIY or Professional thermostat?
I need to replace my old thermostat, and am debating between the Honeywell "DIY" model RTH7600D or the "Professional Installer" model VisionPro 1H/1C. My question is, what is so special about the VisionPro that it requires a professional installer? If I go with the RTH7600D am I missing out on some great feature? I couldn't notice any real feature differences. Honeywell's website makes a very clear distinction between DIY and Professionally installed, so I'm leary about buying the VisionPro.

Not sure it matters, but here is the background of my problem:

I currently have a Honeywell Chonotherm III, model T8601C1047. I have a
heat pump system (I think it is a simple 1 stage heat pump). After the
AC system shuts off, the fan keeps running (for hours sometimes). I'm
guessing it may be the thermostat. Do you think this is likely? I would like the easiest replacement thermostat, so that I can re-hook up the wires the same way they are now:

O -> white
W -> yellow, plus a red2 wire that connects to Y
G -> green
C -> blue
R -> red
Rc (not connected)
B (not connected)
Y -> red2 wire to W


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