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High rise A/C problem: no cool air
Hi, All,

I am living in a high rise, and in the summer, the building provides chilled water to cool individual unit. In the winter, the heating coil is inside my own unit, and I am responsible for heating. So this is not the issue about heating.

My unit, the A/C in the bed room stopped working a few days ago. some observations are as follows

(1) the fan on this unit is working, and air is not cool

(2) I touch the copper pine, sometimes, it is chilled, and I can feel cold water running through. sometimes, it is just normal temperature.

(3) I band the switch on the actuator, for two or three times, I have the good luck to get cool air, but not any more.

(4) the A/C units in the living room and other bedroom are working properly

(5) I have changed the filter so it is clean.

(6) on the chilled water pipe, a Erie AG PopTop™ Series Two Position Spring Return Valves is installed.

(7) the building manage says it is my responsibility the repair the unit inside my room.

Could anyone tell me what could be the problem(s)?

Thanks a lot!

Marty S. 06-10-2012 09:40 PM

If you have a call for that actuator to open(powered) and it's not opening then replace the actuator. If no power trace the wiring and find out why there's no power there.

beenthere 06-10-2012 09:43 PM

Actuator could be bad.

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Originally Posted by beenthere (Post 940679)
Actuator could be bad.

thanks a lot! I have ordered the actuator. If I fix the problem, will report here.

thanks again!

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