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pingers7 11-26-2006 07:54 AM

high pitch noise coming from oil line
what do you think it is i am pretty ok with changing stuff on my oil burner just not sure how to go about finding the correct part that needs replacing. when the burner starts the noise starts when the burner shuts down the noise shuts down it if you listen when it shuts down it sounds like a pump stopping. i can put my ear on the oil tank and it sounds like there is a pump inside the tank(of corse there is not one in there) if i put my ear on the oil line same thing so i am guessing it is the pump but again i am guessing. i do not have the money to play hit or miss so if someone has seen this and is pretty sureas to what i should check or replace i am very willing to listen. this noise is driving me crazy and i am worried that the pump is on its way out. i believe the pump is a suntec. thanks for any help bob

mdshunk 11-26-2006 11:23 AM

Have you ever cleaned the screen in the pump? There are a series of bolts, radially arranged, that hold the end plate on the pump. There is a screen right inside there that catches the larger muck. If this has never been cleaned, it could be acting like a restriction, making the high pitch noise. Also, make sure that your tank valve is fully open. If it was partly closed, it can also make that noise. When you think of high pitched noises in pipework of any sort, you generally are looking for a restriction. If this oil line runs across the basement floor, has it been pinched anywhere? Just some ideas....

pingers7 11-29-2006 07:41 AM

noise has stopped
ok i was going to take the pump apart on thursday(my day off) to check the screen (evrything else seems ok no pinched lines or half open valves) but for two days now the noise is gone maybe there was something in the screen it still sounded like the pump it self was making the noise but i gues i can still take it apart and check the screen. it does not seem to difficult maybe a gasket replacement if i am not careful. i appreciate you're help and will let you know if i find anything else or if the noise comes back. bob

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