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vrobl 01-16-2006 12:14 AM

Help Wanted
I have a problem with a Bryant 398AAV deluxe gas fired condensing furnace, as far as i can tell the unit was installed in 92. I woke up one morning really cold so i checked the thermostat and it showed 55 degrees. So i went down stairs to check the fuses on the furnace and such so i turned the unit off with the switch above the fuse, pulled the fuse wich was fine, put it back in and turned the switch back on and the furnace came back to life worked fine for 3 days and got cold again. Now I have to go turn it off and on again about 6 times a day. I did clean out the drain trap and it didnt help. I also watched the burner and every thing worked fine when i turned it back on, it burned a little while shut off, blower still blowing air, thermostat must have called for more heat, so the hot surface ignitor came on but no ignition, ignitor went off then came back on again and no ignition, and it did it another time, then finally must have turned itself off. so i turned it off and on again a couple of times to get it to work again. So any help will be appreciated. I hate calling service people, because it is always something you could have done yourself with the right know how. thanks

WRKPA 01-16-2006 08:27 AM

Check the sensor, sometimes that needs to be cleaned with steel wool

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