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Help!!! Please NO HEAT for the Kids

I just found this forum and it is great... Props to the site.

Now I have 3 kids with out heat for all of winter and we were using heat from the fireplace then electric heaters at night in the bedroom.
But now it is too cold....

This is a Rheem Classic 90 Plus Propane heater
A/C Rheem RAKA-030JAZ

Called a local HVAC tech out during the late summer to get the system fix due to no A/C.
Well he found out that there is a bad board (not letting blower run) so he bypassed the board so the blower will run all the time.
Blower was over amping 7.2 rated at 6.3
He charged $147 for this.
His qoute for a new board $329 new blower motor $549
w/o labor

So after he bypass the bower to let it run, had A/C for about a two weeks then again it died. This time it will not work.

So we have been living off electric heaters and the fireplace.

Then we went to see family over the weekend and came back home and the house was like frozen...
So now it is getting too cold to even keep the house warm with the fireplace on and the electric heaters...

I have found the parts that I need to fix the system
Blower motor = 5KCP39KG CPN51-24042-01
Main Board = 62-24140-01 (new direct replacement part # 62-24140-04)

Here is my question...
(I am IT Technician, Network and Computers)
I looked at the board and it is pretty easy to remove and put back in...
As long as I code all the wires and take lots of before pictures to get the wires back into the right place.
Now the blower motor is the only thing of my concern, is this hard?
I see there is one screw on each side and the unit should just slide out... is it that simple to slide out remove and replace...?

and if I replace both these parts as the HVAC tech told me... will it fix my problem if there is nothing else wrong...

Thank You in advance...

Hoping to order the parts tonight or tomorrow and hopefully have it by Sat or Monday

And if anyone here is in Lancaster, PA....
Willing to come and help me out I will provide the beer, pizza and wings.


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Originally Posted by kuteazn1 View Post
And if anyone here is in Lancaster, PA....
Willing to come and help me out I will provide the beer, pizza and wings.

If I were close I would take you up on that deal

I would replace board if it's bad.


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Also get the capacitor for the motor.
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Google for how to replace furnace blower motor; there are videos out there that show how. Not really hard to do, just keep track of where wires go before taking things apart so you know where they go. Also, make sure you know which way squirrel cage is facing when taking apart so you don't put it in backwards; also, note how much clearance there is between squirrel cage and sides of blower housing so you have same clearances with reinstall.
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Good luck-- try to keep warm. Watch that your plumbing doesn't freeze. If you're not able to keep the temps in the 50s, you might need to either keep something dripping or strategically place one of your heaters.
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Thanks Everyone for your input...

I order all 3 parts

Blower Motor
and Capacitor
with Shipping for under $250

I can't believe the markup on some of these items....

But when the items get in... I will give it a shot...

Will update when I get it in or you should hear from me if I don't and need help.


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