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tomseeley 04-01-2010 06:29 PM

Help me compare Trane heat pumps pls
I'm shopping for a new Trane heat pump and air handler/heater for the home we're buying in SC. The old one (not a Trane) was stolen while the house sat vacant in foreclosure before we bought it.

I've read the stuff on the Trane page, which I can mostly understand, but I'm not sure how to compare two of the high end units I'm considering.

The XL20i 5-ton unit has two compressors, while the XL16i has a single two-stage compressor. I believe the advantage of either multi-stage compressor would be that on less severe days I could run the unit at less than 100% capacity and get enough duty out of it but use less energy. Right?

But if that's the case, more or less, what would be the advantage of going to the 20i with two compressors?

By the way: I've asked the Trane dealer I PLAN to deal with, and so far I have not heard a reply. I'm aware of one way I could respond to that!:wink:

beenthere 04-02-2010 04:57 PM

The 16i in first stage runs close to 80% of second stage capacity. Its latent(ability to remove moisture) is not very good in first stage. It has poor indoor blower control compared to other 2 stage units using 1 compressor.

The 20i in first stage, is between 55 and 60% of second stage capacity. And has a pretty good latent ability. Because the blower control is much better on it then the 16i.

2 stage is more for comfort then it is for energy savings.
However. often people are able to set their thermostat 1 or 2 degrees higher because of the lower humidity level in their house. And save money from that.

tomseeley 04-02-2010 05:44 PM

So do I need 2 stages at all?
Hi Beenthere, you know what you're talking about. Thx for answering my msg. I see you're in PA. I'm near Pittsburgh; where are you?

But what I really want to ask is: if 2 stages are more for comfort (humidity) than temp control, and my wife and I really do NOT need to keep the house at 65 degrees in the summertime, or even close to that, do we really NEED a two-stage unit at all?

Trane is asking $2,000 round numbers for the 20i compared with the 16i, and $1,000+ to go to the 16i from the 15i, which is a single stage unit.

For us, humidity is more important than temperature, in the warm months, but we're also very concerned about saving energy, for environmental and "politically correct" reasons, so it's tough to choose, in my opinion!

What would you suggest?

beenthere 04-02-2010 05:54 PM

2 stage will help to keep the humidity low, at higher temps because they run longer because they are in first stage. Single stage can't remove as much humidity without also lowering the temp.

So with a 2 stage, you can be just as comfortable at say 74, as a home that has the stat set to say 70.

2 stage aren't designed to maintain a lower indoor temp.

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