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BenJoeM 11-14-2008 03:42 PM

Help with Heater Unit
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Hello All!

I have a garage that used to have power. About 5 years ago the previous owners disconnected the power to the garage. The original owners however had created a very nice home workshop which included a heating unit. It is a Dayton 3E368 NG Unit Heater. (See Link) I have since restored power to the garage by adding a new sub-panel (Thanks to help on the Electric forum). I am now ready to restore power to the workshop (which is behind the garage). The heating unit is exactly the way it was when it was turned off. The gas line is still working too. But I have some questions before starting this up.

1. It appears the thermostat maybe missing. There are two yellow wires labeled (to thermostat) and a brown thermostat wire attached it but nothing on the other end. What kind of thermostat should attach? I have one I bought for a base board heater awhile back. Will that work? (you can see the wire on the right side of the attached picture, hanging from the gas line)
2. Should I do anything to prepare the heater before I turn it on?
3. Anything I should worry about.

kennzz05 11-14-2008 04:07 PM

if you touch the wires togeather that should turn it on any non digital tstatshould work as long as it has a "W" and "R" terminal thats what you will connect the wires to. as far as what to look for look inside the heat exchanger with a flashlight make sure theres no soot or any breaks or cracks in the metal when it fires up expect some smoke and odor watch the flames as it heats up if there is any differance in the way the flames look from no fan running to when its running there may be a cracked heat exchanger you will be looking to see that the flames are not being blown around when the fan comes on if you see that the heatx/c is cracked

biggles 11-14-2008 06:05 PM

bugs might be the worst problem on the start..the 2 wires from the heater are the closure for the heater any generic stat will work..mount it on or around the wall under the heater which would be the return air to the fan on the unit.when the main burner comes on the flames should be true like on your stove flames,if you have adjustable air inlets on the end of each burner tube they should be all the same and screwed down.if you feel like it,when the burner is first lit remove one wire off the motor or capacitor and the heat will build up in the exchanger and when it shuts off that is your safty HI LIMIT...DISC auto resets.shut the power off and put the motor wire back repower and the FAN will run..and when it cools down the main burner will relite(this all with the stat calling)

BenJoeM 11-15-2008 04:32 PM


I reconnected the power to the room. Then I touched the two wires and heard it start to come one. Exciting I know! Then I went and switched the gas line back on, since it has been off for a few years. Went back out double checked gas was coming (it is) then I connected the two wires to a standard universal thermostat that does heat only. Turned it on, and I heard the heater start up. But all I am getting a buzzing sound. That is it. It never does more than just sit there and buzz.

Any ideas!

buletbob 11-15-2008 04:44 PM

Is it a low voltage thermostat or line voltage?

biggles 11-15-2008 04:51 PM

did you try pinching the 2 wires together with the gas open to see the main burner and fan run.if there is a brass bar on the stat that is the anticipator for the heat ..check the amp draw(probably looking like .## value )on the side of the gas valve and set it for that value.if the burner runs with the pinch the stat might be drawing to much on the 24V is it digital!if you using exsisting wire to the pinch point tie in they may be touching try the stat at the pinch point.

BenJoeM 11-15-2008 04:59 PM

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Ok I am going to go out and try pinching it.

Here is a picture of the thermostat.

BenJoeM 11-15-2008 05:05 PM

Ok. I pinched and let it sit and it started! tried the thermostate again and it started. Just needed to wait I guess

biggles 11-15-2008 05:16 PM

the only load 24Vs there is the gas valve....the fan is 115V but works on the heat disc 140F-170F to run when the main burner heats it you cycle ther will be stat calls.......main burner comes on comes on.....when stat is satisfied the main gas will go off and the fan will shut off when the disc cools and opens up the power to the fan.if the fan burnt out or locked up the "main gas" would still come on,and you would feel static heating(like a radiator)rolling across the ceiling and it would shut down when it reached the HI limitsame type of disc as the fan limit but rated 200F-220F....enjoy it

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