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mike85rob 12-02-2009 01:18 AM

Help with heat pump!!
Okay, we bought a home a couple of years ago with a central air unit (do not know if it has a heat pump or not). The previous owners used it as a summer house and probably did not need heat. Here's what we have and what happens.

A/C works good
We have to use $Emergency Heat$ in the winter. When I turn on the regular heat switch the fan blows but it is cold air. It does not feel like the a/c but rather just air that is the temp of the air outside. Inside the thermostat the O wire is not hooked up but is present. Outside I cannot remmber what is hooked up with what because I am writing this at 2 in the morn and I may check this tomorrow if the rain holds off.

So what I need to know is do I have a heat pump or how can I tell?

mike85rob 12-02-2009 01:21 AM

a note on my above post. Do not assume that whoever hooked the system knew what they were doing. I am not very experienced in hvac but I am with elecrical and lets just say that when we bought the place I had to do a lot with the electric to bring it up to code.

hennyh 12-02-2009 08:45 AM


Originally Posted by mike85rob (Post 360081)
So what I need to know is do I have a heat pump or how can I tell?

Get the model number of the unit and then look it up on the manufacturer's website or post it here.

Or pull the cover and look for the presense of a reversing valve. Do this with the breakers off to be safe.

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