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joryeln 09-16-2009 12:23 PM

Help! with Concord 80+ gas furnace + T-STAT
( Scratchin' my head )


Air-conditioning unit = outside Type: Goodman
Furnace = in attic = Model: RGU80, RGH80, RGC80 per Manual
Part No. 42457E097

Furnace: Concord 80+ gas furnace


Air-conditioning worked fine, then stopped. Noticed
that the ( t-stat ) was off, ( no LED )

(t-state requires no battery's)

Checked all circuite brakers, and actually swapped out the
braker for the airconditioning unit at electrical panel.

( still no power to (t-stat) ) checked (t-stat) w/volt meter no power

Next: checked all circuites with volt meter, everything has power.

Checked power connection at furnace, and air-conditioning unit
all show power going to units.

( Circuites are not tripping )

Took off service panel of Concord 80+ furnace,
(troubleshooting lights ( slowly flashing green in unisen )

From the looks of it looks like the problem
is from the furnace to the t-stat. ( no power from furance to t-stat)

Looked for circuit braker on ( furnace control board ) and found
none. actually looked all over furance for circuit breaker ( type found in car )
and found nothing.

( please email me if you have information that could help )

Is there a reset on the furnace ?

Any help is much appreciated.

J in Cali.

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