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IncHulk 05-31-2005 07:11 PM

Help! A/C leaking big time
First, You guys rock.

Ive been to this forum many times before but have never posted. Always found a lot of information regarding my problems and have been successful thus far.

I am fairly new to the topic of A/C's so I will do my best to explain my situation.
To clarify.....I am talking about the unit inside the house. My house was built in 2001 and I moved into it in 2003. For pretty much the whole time that I have been living here there has been minimal problems. I change the filter regularly. I live in south Florida so the unit is running a lot. We keep it set at around 74 degrees. On the front of the unit there is a drain plug that has two holes in it placed horizontally next to each other. On the left hole I hooked up a pipe that drains outside. Now my problem is that there is water pouring out the right hole and out the base. I already checked to make sure the holes were not clogged, and the coils on the inside aren't frozen over. They have been in the past but they are not now. The unit is still running fine and the house is still cool, but everytime it shuts off water pours out....and only when it shuts off. While it is running there is no dripping.

I read some of the posts on what might be wrong but I'm not totally sure on how to do some of it. The "V" shaped grate on the inside where the filter goes is slightly dirty....are those replaceable or cleanable....and how? How do you add/change freon and clean the coils? Is that stuff necessary. Im not really looking to spend any money since im just a college student. I desperately need some help. Plus Im itching to learn for the future.

IncHulk 06-01-2005 08:16 PM

No help huh....I'll try another forum I guess.

murray 06-04-2005 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by IncHulk
No help huh....I'll try another forum I guess.

hey bud i'm new to this fourm to.I use to do some hvac work. now the drains ,are they not 1 a little higher than the other?if this is an upflow system the coil is on the top of the wont drip when its running because the coil may be dirty and the air flow is preventing it.go to a pluming supply store and get a degreeser .if there is no access door to the coil go to a heating supply store and get 1 to fit .check to see if the coil is level. spray the coil with the degreeser ,if u can use a brush to work it.wait 5 min then hose off useing a garden sprayer.If u can , try to lower the speed of your furnace ,though it was probably turned up when it froze before,and now the cfm is to high blowing the condensation up the plenum and when the system shuts off the condensation comes back down the sides.if its a downflow furnace the you most likely freezing up ,or the cfm is to great and the negative preasure is preventing the drainning,( if you don't have a p-trap on the drain) .if all this fails the system is most likely over charged and you would need an a/c guy to check this .and make sure he checks with guages ,ask for a trade ticket from the guy that comes out .these companies often send apprentices out and they do something like speed up the fan .the other problem could be that the duct size has not been sized for a/c .So if the air flow has to be at the cfm it is ,you could seal around the coil and the plenum and up high on the plenum ,above the coil ,cut a 4-5" hole and put a grill on it ,this will relieve some presure on the system and the moisture should drip while its running.your vents should not lift the girls skirts up ,thats to much the whole problem could have started by having a really dirty filter,so it froze up ,you changed the filter and had someone look at it??? the quick fix was to speed up the fan ,but is the filter is kept kleen the problem would likely stay away???I use a washable filter from home D ,replace the rivet with a screw and wash every 3 months ,i have had this filter for 4years
Really I could go on for ever.. make sure the drain has a P-trap on it 1"down and 1" up is a 1"water columb you should use a 3 or 4 ,and prime it (fill with water)and plug that other hole air and water will allways take the path of least resistance.....hope this helps ,its been a few years since ive been in the bizzzz

TEXREBEL34 03-26-2008 10:56 AM

Anyone out there?

biggles 03-28-2008 07:06 PM

your sucking air during the ON cycle and when the fan shuts down out comes the water from where ever it can.your trap is clear becuase your pouring water out,but it is not deep enough to drian off during the fan sucking on it.

hvacdad211 03-29-2008 08:27 PM

you can fix your drain problem. the way you described it you have an upflow system meaining you have an ac coil sitting on top a gas furnace. if this is true than you need to install a ptrap with a vent tee or what is also known as breather tee as for the leak law unless you are licensed to handle refrigerant it is illegal for you to touch this side of thee system and you can not buy the refrigerant to do this so it would be in your best interest to do one of two things shell out some dough and call a pro or yyou can go get your epa license and go to school to properly know how to find,repair and recharge your well i guess you can always do a third thing waite till friday at 5pm and got looking at all your local taverns for a truck/van with ac written on it and go look for the most tired looking guy in the joint with a uniform shirt that has the same ac logo as the van and buy him several beers and then ask him if he could fix it........:laughing:

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