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base2roof 08-08-2006 09:17 AM

hello to first question
I want to finish my basement, and have a guest's bedroom there.
I want to be sure that it will be well heated in the winter.

I did this before in other place, but the basement remains on lower temperature all the time. To heat it a little bit I has to closed some dumpers to gave more hot air to the room.

Is it any good way to supply heat from the main furnace to this room?

Did I need to run an independent duct for this room?...the vent need to be placed in the lower section of the wall?...or it can be placed on the ceiling?


KUIPORNG 08-08-2006 09:23 AM

Well, I am doing my basement, and in my area, the code required to run the vent down to the floor level and that was what I did for all my five or six output... You need to buy some vent pipes albows..etc. then cut a hole from the supply and bring the output down to the floor level... then you cover up the old opening on the ceilings... You need to find the best spot to do this, base on the most convenient location to do the operation on your supply line and hidding the pipe on the wall..etc. I used angle grinder to cut holes on the supply lines as the holes I need is square hole, not circular holes, and is easy to work with angle grinder, but some people said here in the forum this is dangerous and suggested to use those steel cutter... I find angle grinder can do the job in a minute or two, whereas if use cutter, it take longer and you need to have a very strong hand to do it...

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