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robtspcr 02-10-2008 10:01 AM

Heil 5000 AC
We just bought this house built in 1999. It has a Heil 5000 AC. We thought we were getting a heat pump, I now suppose that the Heat is all electric. The blower blows cold air until the room temp drops 3 degrees, then warm air blows. The problem is the thing blows long periods of time; cold air. The electric bill is killin us. 500+ per month. What do I do the lighten the heat expence? Install Gas? Change to Heat Pump? Need HELP! Thanks.. Bob

tholling 02-10-2008 03:04 PM

Not sure I can help but the fan should not run that long before the elements produce heat. If you have a heat pump there should be a delay (heat pump comes on then the fan start in a preset time frame). If you are running on electric only then you may need to check the sequencers or element. the order of operation for the electric furnace should be as follows:
1 - call for heat will start the first element via the sequencer and start the fan on low.
2 - if additional heat is required (temp continues to drop) a second sequencer will energize the second element and the fan will go to med speed.

this assumes that your until has multiple elements. depending on the outside temperature, your heat pump may not be trying to heat the house.

Hope this helps

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