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Baserunner 12-27-2007 06:40 AM

Heating issues in 1 upstairs room
Please help-My house has 1 room that does not seem to be getting any heat. It is on the second story. The ducts are in the floor and seem to run under the room. My question is where would a disconnected vent pipe be located? For 2 story homes is it common to run ductwork in the attic? I must confess that I have not gone up there-I have been focusing on the balancing of the entire system in my basement. The rest of the house is getting adequate air flow. Any help is truly appreciated!

Big Bob 12-27-2007 07:42 AM

unless you have more than one unit (zone) then you need to BALANCE the whole house. test your supply upstairs by closing all other supply grills. If no air flow then you have a duct problem.

Baserunner 12-27-2007 07:44 AM

I think that I do have a duct problem as no air is coming to that room. In a typical 2 story home are the ducts routed thru the attic? I have been balancing the system and the entire upstairs gets air but the dreaded 1 room.

Big Bob 12-27-2007 08:49 AM

Where is the supply air vent for your problem Room? If ceiling then your duct was run in the attic. Take the grill off in your problem room and inspect the duct from there.

Baserunner 12-27-2007 10:32 AM

BB-The vents are in the floor and run under the floor.
The vents are on an exterior wall, I am hoping that they run under the floor to a main trunk line in my attic...otherwise I do not know what to do.

Big Bob 12-28-2007 10:42 AM

Vent location is a little confussed in the above post.

A. look in the attic for any duct problem ( many get crushed during home repair and inspection.)

1. take vent off in problem room
Look for obstruction and duct (might not have hooked up this room)

2. close all other vents to try to force air to this room.
( if duct problem you may hear a rushing air sound) this could help locate your problem.

bigMikeB 12-30-2007 08:14 AM

Call someone that knows what to look for and you'll get the answer.

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