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firedawgsatx 07-19-2013 12:28 PM

Heat Strip Limit Switch Help
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I am trying to locate a replacement limit switch for my Trane auxiliary heat strips. It has several numbers on it: 64TX11, L155F. L0005, 208485, and 21C711344P41. This limit switch is a 2-pole and has 5 terminals. My air handler is TWE036C140B0 and I have two heat strips which I believe are BAYHTR1405. I have done extensive research and can't find a limit switch with these matching numbers. I have found a switch that looks very similar if not exactly alike; Nordyne 626409R. I had a professional on another forum say that the replacement is Trane part THT02210. I can't find an image of that part to verify it is what I am looking for.
Does anyone have knowledge of this limit switch and a part number and source?
I have attached a photo of the limit switch in my system and a photo of the Nordyne part. Thanks!!

yuri 07-19-2013 03:51 PM

Ideally U should get it from a TRane dealer. It is a 155 deg F switch. Try

The Nordyne will work if it is a 155 deg F switch but may be a HUGE pain in the butt or dangerous as it looks like the terminals are offset in relation to the mounting holes and probably the wires won't line up properly or safely.

I am sure you can get it from a Trane dealer and for liability and safety reasons should. Once you alter the wiring the liability is on you and the ins co and fire inspector may clobber you if there is a fire. That is NOT normal wire but special high temp wire even though it looks normal.

firedawgsatx 07-19-2013 04:09 PM

Thanks for the reply. The Nordyne limit switch terminal locations and numbers on the terminals are exactly the same as the original Trane. I do understand about the liability issue and I will follow your advice to use Trane OEM parts.

yuri 07-19-2013 04:38 PM

the terminals on the Nordyne are 90 degrees from the mounting holes of the switch and the Trane looks like 45 degrees. unless it is totally obsolete brand of furnace you should use the OEM part.

firedawgsatx 07-19-2013 09:24 PM

I see what you mean about the terminal orientation. I put a request in to americanhvacparts to see if they can identify the part number and see if it is available. It is hard to look up Trane parts because the vendors rarely provide images of the part. One expert in another forum stated it may be part number THT02210.

hvactech126 07-20-2013 07:55 AM

No, I stated it was that part number. I am a trane dealer and looked it up.

firedawgsatx 07-20-2013 09:14 AM

Thanks. I will try and purchase the THT02210. I appreciate your time and effort in assisting me.

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