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David from MD 02-01-2010 03:35 PM

heat pump question
Hello, My name is Dave and I live in Denton MD. I was hoping that maybe someone could give me some advise or answer some heat pump questions for me. I have a 3 ton heat pump and 1680 sq. foot house. I never really paid too much attention to just how hard my heat pump worked until a year or 2 ago(bills were getting high). It seems that whenever my heat pump kicks on lately the AUX heat light comes on right away. It usually stays on until the temp hits the set point. Once it goes off the heat pump keeps going until the temp hits 1 degree above the set point. Problem seems to be that many nights it seems to never make it. It does not really seem to matter if the set point is 62 or 67 it will get to that point with the help of AUX and then seem to run there FOREVER. It sometimes seems to come on in the evening and not stop all night! It has been in the 20's (sometimes teens) at night but I thought that the AUX would help it get to 1 degree above for it to shut off. How normal is this? I also read that when this happens I should switch to EMER heat is that correct? Thank You

Marty S. 02-01-2010 05:42 PM

Only switch to emergancy heat if you want to bill to go up. Your heat pump is still delivering 18-19,ooo btu at 20 degrees at a much cheaper price then the electric elements. Your aux heat should not come on right away. Sounds like a service call is in order since checking expansion valves and freon levels is not a diy thing.

David from MD 02-01-2010 08:31 PM

Thanks for the reply Marty, I had a feeling it wasn't working "normal". I actually had a guy a know check the freon level about a week ago. He did find it to be a little low but he said that he did not have to put much in. I was hoping that would solve it but I guess there is more involved. Expansion valve(s)? I can't say I know what those do but maybe I'll suggest that to the tech. Thanks again! Dave

beenthere 02-01-2010 08:42 PM

When is the last time the indoor an outdoor coils were cleaned.
What air filter are you using.

You are also suffering from the rate hikes from deregulation.
If you have copies of your old electric bills. look to see if your using more KWs then 2 years ago. And look to see if the average temps are close for the same months. I

Its common for the aux to shut off and the heat pump to continue to run. Once the outdoor temps drop below the heat pumps thermal balance point.

Emergency heat is for when the heat pump doesn't work. or your going to have freezing rain.

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