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Actually, it could be the cap.


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Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
I can tell you right now it's not the capacitor. The compressor is trying to start and overamping while doing so thus tripping the breaker. If the cap was bad it wouldn't even attempt to start. What you might try buying is a 5-2-1 Compressor Saver a.k.a Hard Start Kit. What this is is a super boost (extra large capacitor) that ties into the normal capacitor and assists in the starting ONLY of the comrpessor. It will come with a relay that is already wired together to the super capacitor. All you need to do is plug in the hard start, one side to each side of he contactor or run and common rather and then the single yellow striped wire to the herm side of the normal compressor capacitor. The relay closes the cap off on start up and then the compressor runs on it's normal cap.

Google it: 5-2-1 Compressor Saver and then buy it online somewhere. I think it's around $43.

Granted you will need to know the tonnage of the condensing unit which would most likley be stated in numerals in the model number. Get those numbers and post them here and we'll tell you the size. Those hard start kits come one size for 1-3 ton systems and one size for 3.5-5 ton only.
Ok. Was not the capacitor. Changed it and had the same exact results. Model #NHP218AKC1. I have heard that a hard start kit is just a temp fix and not really ment for long term. Any truth to that? And also one otehr thing I am not getting is why won't my fan start if it is just my compressor?
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Bud, I do believe we're past the point of a hard start. Usually when the windings of a compressor become weak and a compressor won't start (but is not tripping the breaker) is when a hard start is used. Some times you can three or four more years out of a compressor with a hard start.

Hards starts are used commmonly and for a the life of a system. On start up the compressor is fighting the non equalized pressure of the refrigerant in the lines. The additional power supplied by a hard start allows for the compressor to easily overcome that pressure.

If you have an electrical meter (ohms) I can tell you how to check that compressor. You can try a hard start but I have a feeling the compressor is shot.
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If your system is 5 years old, It's probably a scroll compressor. These type of scroll compressors are robust. They hardly ever break unless you really abuse it. There are many reasons why your breaker trips. Before replacing the compressor, try this common problems

#1- lose/short high voltage wires. (Check the wires from the breaker to the disconnect to the condensor. Make sure everything is tight and good. (PLEASE BECAREFUL AND MAKE SURE TO TURN OFF THE POWER, TO BE SAFE YOU MIGHT WANT TO TURN OFF THE WHOLE HOUSE BREAKER).
#2 The breaker might be bad. To find out if the breaker is bad, Turn on the unit and touch the OUTSIDE of the breaker to see if it's hot. If it's hotter than other breakers, then it is bad.
#3 Breaker amp is lower than the Condensor. Check to make sure the breaker amp is the right one for the unit. It should be on the nameplate of the condensor, with Min and Max breaker amp.
#4 If all the above did not solve the problem, then it's just a guesting game this point unless you have a meter.


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