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hdd 01-15-2006 05:50 PM

Heat/AC blower runs continuously.
Goodman Package Unit, 1989, 75,000 BTU. Was working fine. Then it stopped heating but blower continued running. The only way to stop the blower is to cut off the circuit breaker. Blower starts again soon as breaker is turned on but no heat.

I tried the AC with inside temp at 65F, outside 30F and got the same result: no AC but blower runs continuously.

Tried another thermostat but no change. I have two days coming with outside temps in the upper 50s so will begin looking for problem inside the unit tomorrow. I have diagram, parts list, and tools but very few details on troubleshooting.

I replaced the vent motor in 2003 and unit has worked fine until now. Any advice is appreciated.

hdd 01-16-2006 12:00 PM

It's working!
It's working! :D I got some info from a friend who suggested the following tests: hi limit switch and flame roll out switch. He said that if either of these is open, the blower will come on immediately and the remainder of the system will not come on.

So I began my tests:
Hi limit switch tests ok.
Roll Out switch tested erraticaly. While testing it, it fell apart in my hands, ha. A pretty good indication that it was tired.

I put a temporary bypass across the roll out wire leads and:

1. Tstat set for heat,
2. turned circuit breaker on,
3. this time blower did not immediately come on,
4. got high voltage clicks,
5. burners came on,
6. after few seconds blower came on.
7. turned system off at circuit breaker,
8. going to pick up roll out switch from Goodman dealer.

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