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RStephen 01-15-2011 10:44 PM

Goodman Heat Pump Ice Everywhere
I just purchased an upstairs unit (for 560sq.ft). Outdoor unit with indoor handler. 1st week = wouldn't heat. Installer said he "set it" to come on after the temp dropped 4 degrees what I had set on thermostat. Didn't work

Yesterday, came home to see outside unit completely iced up: ice inside, on top, sides, icicles everywhere.

Yes, I checked: nothing dripping on top, not sinking...the thing has just frozen up. I tried the defrost directions: they don't work. Note: it was 26 degrees outside overnight. It has been in the sun all day and the ice is too thick to melt off.

I am easy going, but being I have only had this unit for 3 weeks, I am not willing to go through repeated service calls, repeated ordered parts, taking off work...I want a new unit. This obviously is a problem unit.

In another house I had a bad heat pump and the guy ordered this, that the other, all while I was requesting a new unit, only to have him stall it for 2 months and say "oh, too much time has past for you to get a new unit". It never got fixed. :furious:

Never again. What do I need to SAY and DO to get a new unit? Any help would be appreciated. They ALWAYS fight, stonewall and try to get their factory reps out. Again, it is 3 weeks NEW.

Thank you.

beenthere 01-16-2011 07:41 AM

Is it a low end Goodman unit. Or a high end good man unit.

A new unit won't work any better then what you have if its an installer issue that is causing the problem.

There is no magic phrase that will gt you a new unit right a way.

AllanJ 01-16-2011 08:25 AM

There should be a defroster in the outdoor unit.

You will need to find out what the serviceman says about why "it does not work". If you have "no heat" from a brand new unit then the serviceman should be out immediately. Two days later is too long.

only to have him stall it for 2 months and say "oh, too much time has past for you to get a new unit". It never got fixed.
"Businesses do the things they are supposed to do because of lawsuits" (radio commentator Charles Osgood)

The importance of using credit cards rather than cash is that you can dispute the charge in many cases if the merchandise turns out to be bad.

Marty S. 01-16-2011 09:48 AM

Not the answers you're looking for but my customers will stash a key or give the garage door code so they don't have to miss work. Could be nothing more then a defrost timer setting needing changed.

RStephen 01-16-2011 12:33 PM

New Goodman Unit Iced
Today (SUNDAY) the unit has extremely thick ice on it.

Haven't called the guy b/c it is a weekend & his last excuse made no sense.

To "Been There": Wow, the Magic Wand I was trying to use must be on the fritz. Please don't respond if you have no decent suggestions.

TRUE "insiders" know how to get around road blocks such as an installer.

No, I would not leave a key to some guy I don't trust to come into my home when I am not there.

As stated, I tried the defrost and it does not function.

It is probably a low end unit, but it IS supposed to work.

Guess I'll ask, then demand, send a certified letter, then hire a lawyer. This amount of thick ice could have damaged other parts in the system. Not going to take the chance and should not have to.

If anyone has any constructive help, thank you in advance, but please don't waste my (or your) time with smart alec remarks. Thank you.

beenthere 01-16-2011 03:15 PM

Yes, your lawyer might even point out that letting it run like you have is user abuse/neglect. And makes you responsible for the damage that it may have caused. And can void your factory warranty. Please call him Monday, and ask him.

"True" insiders knows that it takes a factory rep to come out and decide that a new unit is warranted(the guy you don't want to wait for to come out).

It is you that seems to be wasting everyone's time. By posting questions that you only seem to want answers that favor "your" opinion. Your thread is off topic, as this is a "DIY" site, and this question has nothing to do with DIY.

And I do know what it takes to get a factory rep to recommend a new unit.

Rollie 01-16-2011 08:09 PM

What were the defrost directions you followed?

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