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kod 11-17-2011 04:51 PM

Goodman Furnace Fail
I have a gray goodman furnace. Its about 5 years old now. I noticed the problem when the vents were only blowing out cold air. I opened the furnace door and had to reset one of the limit switches. It seemed to work ok after that then a few days later it was blowing cold air again. nothing needed to be reset this time. This is what happened; the inducer motor started up and then the igniter came on and then as soon as the gas turned on the flame lit and then "poof" it went out. There was quite a bit of pressure pushing against the door of the furnace when this happened. it almost seemed like a big draft appeared a blew out the flame. After the flame was blew out the furnace started all over again. Any ideas?

bravacv 11-17-2011 05:31 PM

Usually if the flame actually ignites and then shuts down, the sensor needs to be cleaned or replaced

kod 11-17-2011 05:38 PM

I will try it, but it doesn't shut down, it's like the chamber becomes pressurized for a split second and it's actually strong enough that you see the cover of the furnace bow out for a split second and thats when the flame goes out.

yuri 11-17-2011 05:55 PM

your intake pipe from outside is partially blocked and it is not getting enough air for proper ignition.

kod 11-17-2011 07:05 PM

I took it apart from the furnace and made sure it was clear and it was. I "swabbed it" with a rag that fit tightly and when i pulled the rag out nothing came with it. I then put it back together and it still didnt work. But when i left the intake pipe off it worked....i even put a vaccum on the pipe to make sure it was clear. Any other ideas?

yuri 11-17-2011 07:16 PM

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I had a weird job like that once and my other techs had similar ones. The one I had got a hamburger wrapper from BKing sucked in and would float around and partly block it from time to time. Had a wasp nest get partly blocking one once and we have had kids drop golf balls and small toys in those pipes. Partial blockage is what it sounds like to me. Do you have 2 separate pipes outside or a concentric kit where they go into one unit?

If it runs w/o the intake pipe on then it is still an issue with your intake pipe.

Concentric kit

kod 11-17-2011 07:23 PM

I have two pipes that go outside. I was thinking that it still might be that issue with the intake but i wasnt sure if it could be something else. I will get throught the night and cut it out tomorrow and see if i can find the blockage. Thanks

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