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Goodman with copeland scroll compressor

About two weeks ago my split system Goodman r-22 14 seer 3.5 ton outside unit started tripping the breaker. It is a 30amp sq-d and has been running it for now about 5 years. I am an industrial electrician and have been in the trade for 17 years. So I checked the the breaker with the clamp on I keep around the house. I did not realize it do not measure peak until that moment. The LRC on my unit is 88 amps and the run amps is around 14. When it would start i saw around 85-91 amps. Then it would drop to about 12.3 amps. Breaker may be a little weak so I thought. Swapped it with another 30 amp in the panel and everything seemed to be fine for the next 5 days. Then I notice while I was out side that the unit sounded like it was trying start and then quitting and few seconds later it would do it again. Then finally after 3 attempts it started. I then checked the contactor and everything looked great there and also the fan was running the whole time. So thought maybe the capacitor was bad even though I did not see anything to give me that idea. So I turned the power off checked the cap by charging it up and discharging it with my ohm meter. Seemed to work ok and yes I know it could open under a load. However I got my peak amp meter by this time from work and I was seeing amps 140-160 on start up. I borrowed a kick start from a friend just to see if it would help. Put it in the circuit and it did seemed to help but at times it still clicked several times before starting. I came to the conclusion based on the current that the internal overload is opening and that is why it is clicking several times before starting. Figured it must have a mechanical problem. So I started working on warranty which has turned in to more days Goodman said since they did not have the warranty card on file which I did send in it expired with manufacture date. So I call the company I bought it from and got approval for a new compressor. While doing all this the breaker started tripping 3 or 4 times a night hard to get sleep in Florida with no air at night. I started noticing that the breaker would never retrip when I reset it. It would hold until the next startup. So I added a time delay relay to the circuit 2.5 minutes. Since I did this Monday at 5PM the unit has not tripped the breaker once. Up until this point since last Friday it was 3 or more times a night. Questions: why is waiting 2.5 minutes after the inside unit starts keeping the breaker from tripping and the unit is no long clicking several time before starting. Also could some how the extra time allow pressure to get off the compressor some how? I have also kept the kickstart in the circuit. Just checked peak amps on start up and I got 157.6 amps. Seems the load is still there just the amount of time it is staying that high is low enough it is not opening the overload in the compressor. I still believe the compressor has some sort of mechanical problem and would like some input thanks.


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Sorry dude, i can't read all these....



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Check the voltage when the compressor starts.
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Some thoughts;
One is the weakest link in any a/c for the last 6-7 years has been the capacitor.Before I got a real capacitor checker I have had the experience of thinking a cap checked ok with the olm check only to find out that the "good capcitor" was in fact just on the brink and causing all the problems.
Second is I have no faith in off the shelf hard start kits,none.Get yourself a factory hard start kit.You may not need it but it certainly won't hurt anything and it will help the compressor last a little longer.
Third,what type of metering device do you have at the evap coil.Its almost like the Txv is malfuntioning at the extreme specs,if that is what you have.
You need to get the superheat when its running to see i9f the charge is ok,From my porch it looks OK but you never know without checking.
Fourth a visual check of the blower side of the evap coil is needed and cleaning the outdoor coil is always a good idea.
Fifth is if the breakers are all part of a same manufacturing run if you have a weak one then the one next to it may be weak too.This is most probably not your problem,but you never know.
Sixth,most t-stats have a built in 5 minute delay built in.Your 2.5 minute may not be long enough.If I'm there I go first go to get the correct factory hard start kit.I change the cap cause its cheap ,and I research if there may be an internal partial blockage at the metering device causing the unit to take longer to equalize before trying to, start again.
good luck
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