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ChrisInAtlanta 08-03-2008 02:23 PM

Goodman Circuit Board Shot - Can I Jury Rig Fan?
Hi guys!

Well, it has been a couple of years since I last replaced the circuit board on my Goodman GMPN 080-4 gas heat/elec AC system, so it decided that I needed a new one. :wink: We had a serious storm yesterday, and my system started doing funny things during the night. I assume lightning, but don't know.

Some funny symptoms, so I am fairly sure the board has fried again. This will be my fourth or fifth board since '93. In "cool" mode, with the fan switched "on", the fan stopped working overnight. Upon closer examination, the heat exhaust fan is running continuously, regardless of (clock) thermostat settings, even cool-off-heat set to off and fan set to off. I have to switch the breaker off to stop the exhaust fan.

The squirrel cage fan does not turn under any circumstance.

When the thermostat asks for cooling, the outside AC unit goes on and gets the coils cold. But since there is no fan pushing this into the house, it cools not at all. I can hold my hand over the outside exhaust vent, and feel cool air there (exhaust fan running).

The fuse is still intact. I have a voltmeter and tools if needed.

I can order a replacement board, B18099-13, and get it Tuesday or Wednesday, but it's kind of warm here in Atlanta! Can I jury rig the fan to circulate air in the house? I can disconnect power to the exhaust fan easily enough.



ChrisInAtlanta 08-03-2008 02:37 PM

Eh, I think that I have made a mistake. . . :whistling2:

I unplugged one of the power cords to the exhaust fan, and the squirrel cage started right up. As I type, cool air is coming out of my vents.

Now, instead of the steady blinking of the red light (which seems to mean nothing but "I'm confused"), it flahes 5 times, meaning that the exhaust gas valve is plugged or some such. I fixed this a couple of years ago by sucking or blowing on the tube going to the disk shaped sensor (yes, with the circuit breaker turned off). Huh.

So I now have a simple problem, perhaps amenable to mild violence. Just the kind I like. :)


ChrisInAtlanta 08-03-2008 02:54 PM

Gah! Stupid machine! :furious:

So I'm sitting here a few minutes later, go to check the vent, and. . . nothing. No air, no AC. Down to the basement again. Outside unit is running nicely, squirrel cage is doing nothing. A bit of fiddling shows the same symptoms as before. I jumpered the yellow wires going to the 3" diameter sensor that I recall was the exhaust gas vent sensor, from before, no joy. Now the red light is blinking continously again.




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