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Goodman burners

I need a little advice. I have a 20-some year old Goodman furnace, GUPS100-3. I lit the pilot light for the first time this year and that works fine, stays lit etc. Turning the thermostat up (call for heat) results only in the inducer motor coming on. The burners are not firing...and since they are not, I assume the flame sensor will not let the blower motor come on. The pilot stays lit but no heat. Also, just to check, I turned the fan on at the thermostat and it works fine (it also pushes the a/c through which worked all summer). Last year, I replaced the vacuum pressure switch and the furnace worked all winter. The only upset to the system this year was a new roof installation which dislodged the vent pipe from the top of the furnace, but which I repositioned and sealed with aluminum tape. Any ideas about how to narrow down what could be the problem are much appreciated.



The roofing job got me thinking maybe something was obstructing the vent pipe. It isn't - I can see right through to the furnace from the roof. However, when I dislodge the vent pipe from the top of the inducer motor, everything fires up and works as normal - except that my garage is surely filling up with CO(!). Next test - I shifted the vent pipe over about 1/4" from its proper spot on top of the inducer vent attachment. Now, the burners fire and the blower works as normal...but only for about 35-40 seconds at a time, then off for 30 seconds, then back on. What this tells me, I'm not sure. I guess I can rule out any electrical, thermostat, or gas valve problems, but I know I can't leave the vent pipe offset all winter.


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Your ventor fan may be slowing down and or you don't have enough draft to prove the pressure switch. Need to know the rating of it in inches WC and check the draft with a manometer.


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The roofers shoved a vent cap all the way down on the pipe. There was essentially no ventilation. Fixed by raising the cap a few inches and screwing it into the pipe in that position. Whew! Nothing like dodging the bullet on an old furnace. Peeves me off that the roofers are so incompetent. Thanks for the input, however. This is just one of those crazy things, I guess.
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