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Goodman blower motor (I think)

We have a Goodman unit with the air handler in the attic. Model # ARUF182416AA.

Last night, there was an abrupt clanging noise, the return stopped sucking up air, and there was a slight electrical burning smell. We immediately shut off the thermostat and cut the power at the breaker.

This morning, I took off the side panel to see if anything was obviously wrong but it all looks clean. It was serviced about a little over a year ago by the home's previous owners and is 7 years old in total.

I cut the power back on and turned the unit on fan only and the only thing that happens is a whining sound coming from the blower motor. We cut the power again and I started digging around the fan cage and noticed that the fan would turn when pushed but it had more resistance than I would have thought. One good push would only result in about two rotations. As I have never messed with these before, I couldn't tell if this was normal or not.

Because I like to give things the old college try before I call out the professionals, I took the blower motor out (model 0131m00005p) to see if there was something jamming it up inside. I can't see anything obvious.

Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Could it be the bearings have gone bad? Motor blown? Should I bother trying to open it up to see if there is anything inside? Should I just buy a replacement blower motor?

My DIY skills are usually used in light plumbing and carpentry so this is a bit outside my comfort zone. Always trying to learn more so please be gentle.

Thanks in advance.


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Sounds like the bearings in the motor are dry or partially seized and that you may have a dead spot in the windings on the motor. At this point I would replace the motor, taking care when you remove the blower cage from the motor shaft. If you have difficulty pulling the blower off the motor shaft, use a good penetrating oil like Liquid Wrench, WD40 etc. and tap the housing lightly so the oil can penetrate and loosen the housing around the shaft. If you are really having a tough time then I would use a hack saw and cut the shaft between the motor and housing thus making it much easier to remove... however, be very careful with how much force you use to remove the shaft, if you bend the blower itself, you may have vibrations or premature motor failure in the future. So... treat it kindly.

If you get a new motor, make sure you can reuse the bracket. If you cannot and it is welded onto the motor, either get a direct replacement that has the brackets already on, or you will need a universal motor bracket. Your local heating supply place should be able to tell you what you will need. If you have doubts about what you need, take the entire thing to the supply house and they will tell you.

Another quick word of advice, whenever I changed a motor or control, I usually cut the wires for the control/motor and left them there so I could still see where the wires went when I put the new part in... making certain that the power was off of course.


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Thanks. Luckily the motor came out clean.
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another important thing to do when yo replace the motor is to also replace the capacitor with the proper one for the new motor. ALWAYS replace the capacitor when replacing the motor!!! They are not expensive and will save you troubles down the road
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