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going to insulate attic this weekend - options?

My attic has one finished room partitioned off from the unfinished attic.

THe small room has a clipped gable roof, meaning I can access the ceiling joists from the unfinished side by climbing over the wall.

I wannt to fill this area with insulation - I'm assuming fiberglass would be a good choice? Do I strictly go by R value, or is there any particular brand or type of insulation I should use?
Looks like the joists are merely 2X4, but I could fill up theoretically up to the peak.

Then, the plan for the rest of the attic is to fish bats through the floor j oists. I have a weird soffit bump-out design which leaves me room inside the attic to peer into the open joist bays. I'll have to remove a board somewhere int hemiddle, and fish the bats through from both ends.
Again, anything particular I should buy for this? The joists are 2X10, roughly 16OC.

The POs had alreayd done a bit of this in about half the floor, but it's this really thin crappy stuff that doesn't seem like it would do anything.

I also plan to go around with spray foam and try to get the big stuff with that.



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I'm not an expert on this subject but have you checked out blown in insulation. I think you can rent the machine that is used for this. Might be worth checking out. I would use at least a foot of insulation in the attic.


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If you look at the NE suggested r value for attic its R49 but i do not think it can be done in most older houses. I have a attic where i have R19 insulation[the house was build with it] and floor boards and use the place for storing stuff and its fine.

I was planning to put another layer but decided against it as i would loose the storage area.

r value is calculated by inches so its appx 3.2 an inch so do not squeeze them as it does not add r value.

Just roll the fiberglass and you will be all set. remember to get a face mask,eye safety glasses as this thing is itchy and can give you a bad cough. I usually use a wind cheater with hood and plastic sport pants to keep it off me.

not a fan of blown in insulation as an attic needs to be vented and you do not want to make the house too tight either.

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