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homeowner12 10-11-2009 09:02 AM

Godman, Lennox, or American Standard
Hello I'm building a new house and will be having two furnaces and to air conditioners installed. One for first floor and one for second floor. One HVAC contractor quoted me all American Standard he said that is all he sells and that it is the best, and he will not sell or install anything else. I did get another price from another HVAC contractor and he quoted me a Goodman system and a Lennox System.

The Goodman and the Lennox system came in at the same price and the American Standard system came in at $2,500 more.

The American Standard system had a 90% in the basement and a 80% multi-speed furnace in the attic. This also included two 13 seer air conditioners.

The Goodman and the Lennox would both be 93% high efficent furnaces multi speed in the basement and attic and the two air conditioners outside are 13 seer.

What do you guys think.

yuri 10-11-2009 09:19 AM

Get 2 more quotes from other dealers. All 3 brands are good. There are differences in the models in each brand. Most manufacturers have 4 quality levels: Cavalier/Malibu/Buick/Cadillac. We don't do pricing here and would need to know the exact model #s and details to compare apples to apples etc. The first guy sounds too high but may be quoting his top line and the others a low line. The Lennox G71 and G61 are the first/second tier units.

fireguy 10-13-2009 05:54 AM

The only thing I know about furnaces is what Steve tells me. I use him for commercial sheet metal work, and I bought my furnace from him. He has no respect for Goodman. He tells me parts are way overpriced when comparted to Trane and other brands. My frunace is a Trane.

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