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Mightyidi 08-27-2008 07:39 PM

geothermal is the tech up to spec
I need to replace my old oil furnace with base board, and I(my wife) would also like central air.
Is geothermal heating/and cooling cost effective and is it a good way to go since I also want central air.
My house sits on 2/3rds of an acre and is 1800sqr ft in Putnam ny

geo fan 08-28-2008 04:12 PM

is the short answer, the variables in how much so are , current and future oil prices, current and future electrical rates. right now an oil system getting 80% eff at 3.50 a gal. and 140,000 btu per gal gives you about 26000 btu for every dallor of fuel ( not counting maint cost and heat lost to the flue when the system is off) electic gives you about 3000 btuh for every kilowatt hour at about 10 cents a kilowatt hour thats about 30000 btuh for every dallor ( I know electic is better then oil again) geothermal operates at about 400% eff using electric as the base even though its not your fuel source it is used in the movment of the heat, so 120000 btuh for every dallor spent in operation cost. now cop's change with manufactures and type of system dx , water source , pump and dump ,close loop. now the kicker and you new it was coming upfront price its high , how high is reginal and system specific but you can multiply whatever you think it should be by around 2. the return on investment is a changing number but at todays prices and in my climate its 6-7 years the system should last close to 20 and after that you only replace the unit not all the loops so its much less. to give you some peace of mind if you decide to pull the trigger Im an hvac tech 10 years in just put a earthlink dx system in my parents house , which in my family is a better testimonial then putting one in mine allthough that will be happening next year. any questions post back I can talk about them all day.
ps I was going to add that I have no mottavation to BS you but in re-reading the post we do service your area

Mightyidi 08-28-2008 06:03 PM

hey thanks
thanks for the info,all the research i'm doing is saying the same..I don't own the house yet but we're in contract and the furnace needs to be done so with next yrs tax return I want to put in geothermal..pls send me your company info I would like to get a quote in the near future. Thanks again,

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